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What is Energy Healing???


You see, we are all traveling along the road of life toward our desired destinations.  Yet it is not always a straight stretch.


We encounter curves and bumps and even obstacles like landslides and fallen trees that block our path and cause us to seek detours that may not lead us where we want to go.


The obstacles on this road are blocks in our energy.  They may be experiences we have had or experiences that have been passed down through our energetic DNA that have caused us emotional pain or instilled limiting beliefs.


Using the energy healing modality, SimplyHealed™, those blocks can be cleared.  This can re-balance our energy systems; release stress; improve our health; and change our patterns and beliefs. 


All this will enable us to freely journey down the road to a LIFE FILLED WITH JOY & PEACE.


What Will A Session

Do For ME???


Through private and group sessions, Carolyn helps individuals who feel lost, broken or out of control to CLEAR out their energetic and emotional clutter, making room so they can be CONNECTED to their personal truth, their true identity and empower them to be CONFIDENT on all levels as they move forward.


How Do I Get Started???

Dip your toe in…

Not sure if this is the right fit for you?  Join FABULOUS FRESH START.  It’s FREE and it’s FABULOUS!

By participating you will receive an email a day for 14 days.  Each email will contain an assignment for the day to get you headed down a new, fresh path.  You will be introduced to Carolyn and her way of coaching as she guides you through the process.

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Get in Waist Deep…

Trying something new can be uncomfortable.  That is why GROUP SESSIONS are so AMAZING!  You join via your phone, tablet or computer and all you do is listen. You are completely anonymous and in your own comfort zone…  AND you get all of the marvelous benefits of an energy healing session without saying a word.  (that’s how I got started – just listening to a group session because it felt “safe” compared to a private session).

In addition, if for some reason you are not able to attend the live session, you will receive a 48 hour replay AND because energy is intelligent – you get the same healing and clearing benefits listening to the replay as you do attending the live call!!!

Check out upcoming group session here

Group Phone Session

Dive Right In!

If you have been struggling long enough and you are ready to dive in and clear out the obstacles that are keeping you stuck – it’s time to schedule your private session with Carolyn.

You will receive one-on-one coaching and energy clearing tailored just for YOU!   Check out what some of Carolyn’s clients have shared about there experiences in testimonials and then schedule you PRIVATE HEALING SESSION today!

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